24-Hour EEG

This test is similar to a regular EEG except that you will be fitted with portable EEG equipment to collect brain activity over a 24-hour period. An EEG technologist will place 8 to 10 small sensors (electrodes) on your scalp with a glue-like adhesive. These electrodes will be connected to a small, lightweight cassette tape recorder that attaches to a strap or belt around your shoulder or waist. This equipment records your brain waves.

Set-up time for this test takes about 60 minutes and is painless. You’ll be given a diary in which to record all your activities, any abnormal sensations, or seizures you may experience. Do not touch your head after the equipment has been attached, as it will interfere with the recording. The day after the testing period is complete, you will return to the office to have the equipment removed.

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