PRIZM Clinical Study

Title: “Patient Registry of Intrathecal Ziconotide Management (PRIZM): An Open-Label, Long-Term, Multi-Center, Observational Study of PRIALT (Ziconotide) Solution, Intrathecal Infusion in Patients with Severe Chronic Pain

Study Sponsor: Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Principal Investigator: Christopher Rumana, MD

Study Synopsis: To evaluate the effectiveness of PRIALT therapy for the management of severe chronic pain as evidenced by change in patient-reported pain intensity from baseline to 12 Weeks.

This is an open-label, long-term, multi-center observational study (registry) of Prialt (Ziconotide) Solution, intrathecal (IT) infusion in adult patients with severe chronic pain for whom IT therapy is warranted and who are intolerant to other treatments. Study assessments will be required from patients from baseline up to 18 months.

Study Status: Open for enrollment.

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